Popping my blogging cherry

Hello…erm…what do you write in these things?  I think some ground rules will definitely be in order here:

1.  If you laugh at me ‘cus of what I write don’t tell me cus I’m insecure.

2. I will not blog every day…maybe once a week.  Does that sound like a good target?

3. People should put comments cus I’m up for a few discussions, arguments and general giving of pats on the back because of how insightful I am.  But don’t write anything that may compromise me when I become President of Montenegro at some point in the future.

Ok, first opportunity for all my myspace friends to put comments…how about suggesting other rules to enable my creative blogging?  I’m the sort of person who thrives within boundaries so, for me, the more rules the better!  Oh, and one last thing, why not subscribe to this blog?  It may become the greatest blog in the history of people from Sheffield and you could then say, “I was there, from the start.”  That would make you feel so good.  Go on subscribe!


4 thoughts on “Popping my blogging cherry

  1. May i just commend you on, what was on the whole, an excellent use of grammar and correct spellings throughout the blog, including capital letters and apostrophes.

    I also enjoyed the way in which you signed off – promising us, and i quote;

    “…the greatest blog in the history of people from Sheffield”

    I hope you understand the implications of this, since now you have a lot to live up to.

  2. Well I am glad my first entry has lived up to your high standards; something I rarely achieve I know. I hope I don’t let you down although I hadn’t realise how rash my suggestion (not promise!) now sounds as the people of Sheffield truly are a high race.

  3. actually i think *my* blog is the greatest in the history of sheffield… but ill certainly share the honour with you 😉

    nice to see you in the blogosphere though!!!!

    please pass on my congratulations to your wee brother – and feel free to point him in the direction of my own myspazz – it would be nice to get back in touch with him…


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