Extreme Weather Conditions of Solihull: Part 1

I woke up this morning, went for a wee and, before I turned the light on, I noticed the bathroom had a strange glowing aura about it.  It is so long since I have seen such a glow before that it took a moment for my memory to recall what it meant…yes…it was snow…a whole inch of it!  I wept for joy as I had previously been told that the West Midlands never had snow.

All the main roads are completely clear but of course EVERY state school in Solihull, Birmingham and Dudley has been closed.  What a stupid country we live in!  I even saw one lady walking through Solihull with ski poles!

The magic bit for me was Anya’s reaction.  She was almost as excited as me!  I decided to walk to work for fear of losing control and sliding the car all the way back down Solihull’s biggest hill, Danford Lane.  So we wrapped up warm and I dropped her off at nursery and continued my epic journey.  The young people here are very courteous and polite and stop throwing snow-balls to let you through.  There was also the mandatory car push which gave me a warm jolly feeling deep inside.

I am now cocooned in my office with a packet of left over snack-a-jacks as the blizzard rages on outside.  Two lads are doing skids on BMX’s on the school drive but I have not seen a sledge yet.  Perhaps it is too dangerous for the kids to venture too far from their front doors.


4 thoughts on “Extreme Weather Conditions of Solihull: Part 1

  1. that lady with the snow poles…was me, but i looked taller due to all the extra layers for warmth and i felt i was being quite sensible!!

  2. i walked to work too it took me ages cuz i was trying not to fall over – its stopped snowing now. the yp made a beautiful snowman. man i try to write something on ur blog to make u happy and u pick me up on my poor spelling on msn well fine be like that u big smell boy

  3. wasn’t being like ‘that’. I was just trying to clarify an important point. There is a big difference between ‘none’ and ‘no-one’. But I do smell, that was quite rightly pointed out to me last night.

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