Love Thy Neighbour

After you have finished reading this blog I would like you to comment on what you would do.

As I was writing my last blog from the warm comfort of my office, as the snow raged outside, our property was being trespassed on and vandalised for the third time in three months.  Some kids (I know it was kids cus a neighbour saw them) jumped into our back garden, had a snowball fight, pushed our shed window through, damaged the lock on the shed then jumped back out again.  However, one of them got stuck so he had to kick his way through our fence so he could get out.

Now this raises a broad range of emotions.  Initially anger , then frustration , a touch of fear  and a longing to move house.  Above all I have an overwhelming desire for justice.  I feel that it is not fair that they should be able to do this to OUR property but also that it is not fair that these kids live in a society that offers them nothing better to do than make other people feel uncomfortable.

I wish I could talk to the kids that hang around outside our house but they intimidate me too much.  Their body language is aggressive and they have ignored previous feeble attempts to communicate with them.  At an extreme I wish we could open up our house for anyone in the community to drop in, chat, eat, watch tv.  But that is complicated.  On the other hand I have no compassion or love for this hole we live in and would like to flee it as soon as it was financially possible.

Please, I am eager to hear your thoughts.

P.S. There is a man taking letters out of the postbox with a litter picking grabber as I speak.  This is such a random area.


2 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbour

  1. i think u should stick at trying to love them and remember theyre just kids theyre looking for love and they always look more scary than they r

  2. You are so right. Hmmm but that is difficult. I guess its not meant to be easy though. Ask me soon if I spoke to any of them.

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