I went to the pub last night with John, a blind man from my church who is turning into a bit of a hero for me.  We had a couple of pints and John commented how music begins to sound better after a few drinks.  I had to agree with him.  This got me thinking about other things that seem better after a few drinks; jokes, a bad mood, chatting with friends, watching football, my own opinion(!).  But – How much is too much?

I know that I have done some really stupid things after drinking that have had a negative impact on the rest of my life.  However, some of my best memories only had the chance to become great memories because alcohol helped me to relax.  How do we know when to stop drinking so that we don’t end up doing something we regret?  And does it depend who we are with?

I am looking forward to a tapesty of opinion from all of you.  Please don’t be shy about saying what you think, even if it is completely different to me!

2 thoughts on “Drunkeness

  1. In my humble opinion ‘too much’ is when you kinda lose your faculties / sense of control! It is when you get to this state that i think drinking moves away from a positive-social-fun thing to a form of escapism (which i think is ‘wrong’).

    I would also argue that it is not primarily the alcohol which helps people to relax and lose their inhabitions – but the mix of alcohol and the social setting! More often than not people drink alcohol when they’re in a social setting;

    It is often when people stop working, go out or see friends (all relaxing activities) that they drink – relaxing / socialising and drinking go hand in hand!? And all come together to ‘lighten the mood’ and create an enviornment for ‘life’ and ‘the best memories’.

    On the flipside it’s only when you take it too far that the ‘best times’ turn out crap!

    Just some ramblings…

  2. Yeah I like what your saying about it being an added ingredient to complement an already relaxing situation.

    I naturally want a bit of alcohol when I’m stressed which honestly is erring to the escapism you mentioned. But again its important to balance being all legalistic about escapism with just helping yourself relax. I guess it is important to address the root problem of why you want to escape (after you’ve had a few drinks of course!)

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