“Even a chav is known by his doings” Proverbs 32:17

Well it’s happened again.  Just spent a lovely 24 hours in Sheffield only to arrive home and find that some geezers have broken into our back garden and nicked my bike out the shed!  They even took Anya’s baby bike seat in which she proudly sits and surveys Solihull as I chauffeur her around to nursery, church and the many parties she is invited to.

We really wanna move house now but not sure how sensible that would be. Hmmm?  I’m trying to keep it in perspective.  Just reading a book about Bosnia and some guy whose house got flooded and he lost everything and so he died cus obviously there weren’t no welfare state in Bosnia in the late 1700’s.  So I guess it could be worse but it still aint nice.

If anyone has seen the bike lying about it looks a bit like this:

and the culprit is believed to look like this: *

Yeah well if anyone wants to add any condolances or circulate any conspiracy theories please comment me.

* the person in the photo was chosen purely because there is a picture of her online and I couldn’t find any other relavantly humerous portrait to display…nothing personal!


4 thoughts on ““Even a chav is known by his doings” Proverbs 32:17

  1. oh my word!!!! i told you not move there it cold be very much worse i wil pray tht there will be a break though in you moving c you soonxxx

  2. Classic!!! I guess it shows you can’t trust anyone in and around Birmingham… Watch out for a girl called Dani – she has connections to the above picture (not the bike!) and lives in the same kind of area… Just thought I’d warn you. Her reputation is well known in Nottingham too… – Keep ’em peeled”…

  3. THATS MY AUNTIE!! Only joking!!

    We are praying for you matey – any direction on prayer? (Funds to move, protection, wisdom or just everything?)

    Love Tom and Kate

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