I can’t be happy all the time!

 I have grown increasingly discontent this week.  A mixture of things have caused this; more vandalism on the house, being ill for a couple of days, not getting as much work done as I want, having no motivation to pursue God, the faff of estate agents and mortgages and the general irritation that humans bring me (apologies if you are a person).

I find myself shouting inwardly, “if only I could sort everything out, make everything run smoothly”.  And that is where my main problem is.  I all too often live in a state that requires me to be in control, to be successful, to be able to cope.  However, bad things happen in life and it is never going to run smoothly.  Does this mean that I will never be content?  What a depressing thought!

I opened the Bible in desparation and it fell open at Psalm 61.  Give it a read.  The truth is God never said life would be easy and that we would always be happy but he does promise us peace and joy. (Or as Tezza likes to call it – Shalom!)  So how can we live in this peace and joy?

Don’t be a slave to your emotions!  We can’t help feeling down sometimes, or sad, or fed up.  But we don’t need to let that effect how we live from moment to moment.  It takes determination and guts and is a painful sacrifice but…

You know when you watch films like Braveheart, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings etc. do you long to be part of those huge adventures putting your courage and honour to the test?  Well I do all the time, and the truth is life is that adventure and it takes just as much determination, guts, courage, honour and sacrifice as in those epic stories.

So next time you get Can’t Be Arsed syndrome with life remember that even if emotionally and physically you are down your spirit, with God’s help, can rise above these mortal factors and win those little battles that all add up to a life well lived.

And, if all else fails, take heart from the truth that Anya spoke earlier this week when we told her to smile, “I can’t be happy all the time!”  Quite perceptive for a three year old!


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