Our society really is totally screwed up and we have all got totally the wrong priorities.  I just watched Outlaw at the cinema and it provoked some intense feelings inside me.  If you ain’t seen the trailor the film is about a bunch of regular British guys who are fed up with the law and government letting them down and decide to administer justice themselves by going on a violent spree of retribution.

Why do we spend all our time complaining about roadworks, politicians private lives, tv, lack of gritters, taxes etc when millions of people are living in fear and hundreds of thousands of young people are growing up without morals, failed by the system.  I am sick of the self-centred individualistic disease which is rotting this nation like a cancer.  We need to implore this Government to stop wasting money on people-pleasing and invest in empowering families and young people to rebuild the communities they live in.  How can we be satisfied to spend billions on arms yet not prioritise pumping money into preventing our citizens from becoming the ‘paedophiles, dealers, bullies, junkies, scum’ that are infecting society?

Let’s stop demanding this leisure-driven, entertainment-centred, perfect lifestyle we have come to expect and start fighting the insiduous crap that is taking over our culture.  I am not saying take up arms and lynch every shoplifter at the first offence.  The revenge achieved in the film left me without any satisfaction whatsoever – there are other ways to fight.  What did inspire me was the characters’ passion and the fact they acted upon their feelings.

Don’t be apathetic, don’t be passive or there may be little left of this ‘safe’ nation for your children to enjoy.


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