Gay people are welcome on my blog

On Wednesday night the House of Lords approved new laws which make it illegal to discriminate against someone because of their sexuality.  Up and down the country Christians have been getting in a right hoo-ha about it.  Lots of Christians believe that the right to lead a Christian lifestyle has been superceded by the right to lead a gay lifestyle.

The main issue in the change in the law means you will not be able to ‘withhold a service’ from someone because of their sexuality.  I read one article about a guy who was insensed that a Christian printer may now be forced to print leaflets promoting homosexuality.  But this is not what the new law means.  It means the printer could not refuse to serve a customer because he or she was gay but could refuse to serve them because of the content of the material they wanted printing.  Overall I do not believe this new law is wrong but I am keeping an eye on the situation because it does appear the government deems it more important that homosexuals can live as they choose rather than Christians being able to live as they choose.

I do not know what the unfolding consequences of this law will be but it has raised the contemporary issue once again of Christians’ attitudes towards people who are gay.  I would be really interested to hear what people think about this:

If you are a Christian do you find the whole debate a difficult one and how should we live out our faith in these progressively volotile times?

If you are not a Christian, what are your perceptions of Christians’ attitudes towards people who are gay and what do you see as a way forward for us to be more tolerant yet live within our own beliefs?

Better still…if you are gay please let me know what you think about the whole thing.  As you can see my blog is happy to serve both hetero and homosexuals and lies well within the new laws!


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