Nathan’s adventures in Montenegro: Part 1

Temperature: Rather chilly

State of tummy: Delicate

Language most desired to be heard at this exact moment:  English


So I’m sat in mine and Rada’s bedroom in her parent’s house on the edge of a mountain plateaux town in the heart of Montenegro.  Anya is deep asleep two metres to my right.  The living room/kitchen is full of neighbours and relatives chatting, laughing, drinking and smoking.  This room is an unlikely retreat for me as I soak in my music from our laptop and experience the relief of having only my own flesh and blood in the immediate vicinity.


I have realised the culmination of the last few fulfilling yet stressful months have exhausted my mind, body and spirit.  On one hand the circumstances I’m in now are ideal to recuperate; no responsibility, no housework, few expectations placed on me.   I love this culture, this town, these people, this house but I’ve had enough already.  Maybe it’s the dozen hard-boiled hand painted Easter eggs I have consumed in the past twenty-four hours that is pushing me to the edge.  Or maybe I’m just not cut out for this over-romanticised cross-cultural lark after all.


*           *           *


I feel much better now.  One reason is the above paragraph got a bit of pressure off my chest.  It could be the big yet clumsily slow spider I just killed.  The more likely cause of my relief is the last five minutes I just spent sat on the WC.


I am proper proud of Anya:  I hadn’t realised how bad her Serbian was but she is working so hard and doing so well at fitting in with our two nieces (5 & 2 years old) who, like the rest of the family, don’t speak a word of English.


AIMS FOR THE REMAINDER OF MY STAY:  I really want to rise to the challenge of my circumstances:

  • push myself with the language
  • understand the culture better
  • use the space to listen to God
  • use the time to regain some fitness
  • meet with and encourage the Christians from the only church in town


But…I am shattered.  I think my primary aim for the next two weeks is to refresh and build myself up physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Hopefully in the process of achieving that I will also accomplish a few of the above aspirations also.


I look forward to a few friendly messages from home!  Miss most of you 😉

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