Nathan’s adventures in Montenegro: Part 2

Thank you for the comments and messages people have left me it’s been a proper treat reading them this morning.

I had written a philosophical blog on the laptop a couple of days ago but hadn’t saved it on the memory stick and I just stumbled across an internet-cafe so I’ll just treat you to some exciting things that I have experienced or observed:

1. Last night I drank two bottles of beer the name of which translated means ‘Deer Beer’ and they had pictures of a stag on the label.

2. I have discovered a wonderful time here between 5.30-7.30pm where everyone just goes so chilled and the weather is gorgeous and the sun sets and its just lovely.

3. I have travelled to Herzegovina (Bosnia) to visit some of Rada’s relatives and spent last night sleeping in a one-bedroom house with 8 people.

4. A few nights a go an out of control JCB Digger careered down the steep hill that Rada’s house is on.  Fortunately it veered away from the house at a crucial moment ‘cus it took 15 metres of drystone wall to stop it. 

5. I just saw a Spanish UN soldier stood next to some graffiti that read, ‘NATO Fuck Off’.  Quite ironic.

6. I have not eaten an egg for four days.

7. I have eaten pickled cabbage for two days running.

8. I watched Catch The Pigeon this morning.

9. God told me to say some stuff to Rada’s family and pray with them last night but I bottled it and kept it to myself.  Sorry.

10. I played football with Rada’s brother, cousins and mates.  I thought I would be outclassed but I was just about as good as any of them which was good for my ego and confidence.

11.  I learnt that plateau has no ‘x’ at the end.

12.  That reminds me of something exciting I learnt in England just before I left.  It is that dock leaves are called ‘dock leaves’ and not ‘dot leaves’.  Incredible.

OK, I’ll write again in a few days.


(That is goodbye in Spanish although I do think my Serbian is improving ok it just wouldn’t mean much to you if I wrote any.)


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