Nathan’s adventures in Montenegro: Conclusion

I have been back on British soil for over 24 hours now and I miss Montenegro and the people very much already.  I am appreciating home comforts however.  In my first blog about my adventures I listed five aims I had for the trip.  Did I achieve them?

1. Well I have learnt the language a fair bit but I was exhausted by the effort towards the end.

2. I got to play football a few times which was good for my fitness although I didn’t get out for a single run!  

3. As for the culture, I think there were some key things I was able to work out about life in Montenegro that I hadn’t before which helped me to realise the pros and cons of living there.

4. Although I hardly gave God a moment he pushed through and spoke to me so much about all sorts of things from family life to culture to how churches should be run.

5. The aim that I felt I really did justice to in my limited time was to be able to support the Christians there.  I had opportunity to preach twice in different towns and met with a few guys one-to-one.  They seemed encouraged and that made me really happy because I love Montenegro and I want to see the power of God work in that country and rebuild shattered lives and broken relationships.  I am desperate for people in Montenegro to understand who God really is and to learn how to worship Him in their lives.

So to round off my reports about my experiences in Montenegro I will leave you with two golden quotes:

The first is from an old lady that Rada, her brother and I passed in the street.  She was quite crinkly and bent over dressed all in black with a shawl over her had and she said:

“I’ll beat you up unless you give me 10cents.”

The second was my own work showing how well I have mastered the language.  I was attempting to refuse a hard boiled egg that was being offered to me.  I won’t put the literal words I used because young children may be reading this but the gist of my sentence was:

“No thank you, I’m impotent.”

I hope I’ll write soon but life in England is less likey to throw up news worthy items.  Thanks for all you support!

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