Working for the Church while my family dies

The latest Arcade Fire song has got me so intrigued.  It’s called Intervention and I have got the video on my profile.  What about this for a line then, “Working for the Church while my family dies”!

I know the husband and wife who lead the band were brought up Mormons and I just wonder what sort experience they must have had of the Church to write a lyric like that.  It really reminded me of my daily battle to put Rada and Anya ahead of my work.  What use is anything I do for young people through the Church if I cannot even lead my wife and daughter to healthy spirituality.  And to be honest half the time I really suck at that.  So please pray that I can have the strength and love to put them first.

Arcade Fire say their album (Neon Bible) is all about recognising that God should be feared and that we should respond and change our lives accordingly.  This fits in with the early chapters of Proverbs which claim, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”  How much do we actually fear God?  I am far too chummy with God sometimes that I forget the awesome power he has and the extent to which he hates most of the things I do each day.

We should not obey God out of fear but of love.  Nevertheless, those times when we really can’t be bothered to obey Him it will certainly help us to remember how devestating just a glance from Father could be – I’m off to have a word with him now, I don’t think he’s too chuffed I have ignored him nearly all day!


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