God spoke to me

I was (un)fortunate enough to spend the weekend with a load of my young people and a big mountain of mud and smelly toilets.  I’ll leave you to decide which I prefered although suffice it to say it was difficult to tell where the mud stopped and the young people started!

It was a hectic weekend.  Nevertheless, due to the thoughtfulness of Graham our church leader, I was able to make it to one of the main meetings.  I am so glad I did because God spoke to me really clearly.  This does not happen like this regularly so I wanted to write it here to help clarify things in my own head and hopefully encourage one or two people reading.

I was taking part in the worship time in my usual partially-proactive way when my emotions were pounced on by an old Methodist hymn that brought back my childhood to me.  Tears were rolling down my face and I longed with the security and simplicity of my early years.  I am so grateful to my parents for my upbringing because I feel it has helped me understand the concept of God as a parent figure bringing stability and peace.

Straight after that, a guy walked to the front and began to relay to us a message he felt God had to say to us.  It was full of what I would, on other occasions, dismiss as flowery slush but each one hammered home healing and release to my soul.  Lines like, “I was with you before you were born”, “I will be with you for eternity”, “I delight in you as you struggle for my sake” and “I am proud of you” all exposed my pain to the soothing power of the Holy Spirit.

I felt rejuvinated and, as the main speaker came and expounded on God being with us and equipping us to take responsibility for the Church, I was empowered to get out into my life again and battle for God.  Practically, this immediately helped me cope gracefully with what could have been a hideous afternoon of packing up muddy tents with tired and ratty people.  Long term I am expectant of God’s power working through me and really want to hear from God further how he wants me to work further…particularly in my own church in Solihull and our little cluster of churches that meet together occasionally.

God was saying to me to snap out of my pity and grapple with the simplicity that Jesus promised us.  No matter how stressful life seems God really desires us to be joyful and without worry.  Watch out King’s Church, God is gonna turn us upside down.  We are about to be thrown out of our comfort zones and far away from our self-made safety nets and hiding places.  But fear not…

…God is with us!


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