Catholics make the best drivers?

I read today that the Vatican have published a ’10 Commandments of Driving’ in an effort to make the roads safer!  Great to see the Catholic Church getting involved in contemporary issues.  It really bugs me that so many drivers are so irresponsible in so many ways.  Nevertheless, I do notice that my own automobile conscientiousness does wane far too often.  For example, it probably wasn’t the best thing to change the CD player in my glove box, whilst talking to Anya in the back seat, whilst driving 70mph down the A38 yesterday.

If you can’t see the funny John Shuttleworth video above click here.

Before our rear window was smashed we used to display a small fish symbol on it.  Whenever I made a mistake or had to push in a queue I was paranoid that people were thinking, “Typical!  Crap Christian driver!”  I have a burning question – why does it take drivers with fishes on their cars three times longer to get out at busy junctions!?

As a Christian I want to bring glory to God wherever I can, and that includes the road.  I am not saying I wanna be as skillful as our latest national hero, Lewis Hamilton, but I would like to bring a little bit of peace to the road rather than add to the stress.

I would rather not go as far as old Benedict suggests by making the sign of the cross everytime I get behind the wheel but it would be worth while having a quick word with God asking him to help make the right decisions – this could be the speed you travel, when you let someone out, when to stop and help someone or how close to drive behind them.

Whether you’ve been driving 50 years or you’re not old enough to get your provisional yet it would be wise to take heed of these words for your own benefit and others.

POSTSCRIPT:  Check out Dave’s cartoon and blog on the subject.


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