Are you proud of where you come from?

I am so proud to be from Sheffield.  If you know me then you may well have picked up on that already. 

I do not think people from Sheffield are better than anyone else.  In fact, I know there are possibly more idiots in the Field of Sheaves than in any other city. 

I do not think being brought up in Sheffield makes you happier and more complete.  Most of us are screwed up.

But I do love my city.

I love our accent and am sorry I do not really have it

It is so close to dramatic yet homely countryside

I have over 20 years of memories of Sheffield

We have brilliant musicians like him, them, him and my classmates.

The city and its people have guts

It is a magical place.  More magical than the Magic Faraway Tree I would imagine.

I miss it

Some people in Solihull do not understand how I can be proud of Sheffield.  And having Luke around this weekend made me realise that there is something about Northern people that is different, in some ways better, probably in some ways worse.  But we are defintely different to the Midland, Eastern or Southern variety of Englishman.

So, are you proud of where you come from?

Please comment.  Why?  Why not?

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