Work smarter not harder

An honest blog here.  Oooh…scary.

Those of you who are close to me may be aware that the last few weeks/months have been a tad stressful and I have been getting more and more weary.  The last ten days I have been absolutely whacked and feel emotionally drained.  However, I have taken heed of some loving warnings from a few people who see me regularly and noticed the gaunt-like zombie expression I have been developing (thanks Rada, Bernice & Vicky!).

Consequently, I have cancelled a couple of obligations and I feel fresher already.  But, how am I going to climb completely out of this phase and avoid slipping back into the pressure cooker again?

The main thing that drives me in life is to see the Kingdom of God spread on earth.  That is, to see wholeness in my family, help build an effective church and use every opportunity given to me to show God is love.  However, that is quite a big remit and I take responsibility a bit too personally and slog my guts out to ensure what God wants actually happens.  Obviously God is quite a capable fella and the world is unlikely to implode should I let someone down!

The title of this blog offers some useful advice.  Looking at myself I spend too much time people pleasing and completing pointless tasks.  If anyone has any advice on how to work smarter I am all ears…please comment!

The one smart thing I definitely intend to do which I know will be a very clever use of my time is to spend more of it one-to-one with God.  Why is it that every time my life gets stressful it is my time with God that I cut out first!?


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