Advertising is evil


I recently joined the facebook group I’d rather pay for facebook than put up with all the dumb adds.  OK so the deal is you are browsing around on facebook, or any website for that matter and adverts pop up for emoticons, ringtones, mobile phones, digital cameras or absolutely anything.  I never click on them.  But if facebook is worth $10bn each year I guess quite a lot of people must click on them.  And these are the people who are misled by the promise that they will be more fulfilled if they have that product.  So facebook might be free to me and most of you but there must be a lot of people out there paying a hefty amount for a load of stuff THEY DO NOT NEED!

How many TV adverts use sex to sell their products these days.  Come on!  Wake up you morons do you actually think a girl is gonna sleep with you just because you wear Lynx!  Well how come Lynx is the best selling deodorant for teenage lads!?

Please, please, please…next time you are in town and you think, ‘it would be nice if I had that,’ please just think why you want it.  Is it because a TV advert suggested you would be happier, sexier, more comfortable, be more fulfilled if you had it?  Do you like people coming to your door or ringing you up and suggesting you should buy windows from them?  I hate it with an unhealthy passion.  Well all advertising is working from exactly the same principle except it is more subtle.

You’re life will be fine even if your hair doesn’t stay silky smooth throughout the whole working day.  And you may just be able to be happy even if you don’t own a phone that can record top quality video footage of your mate pulling a moony out of the bus window.

If you wanna read more about these ideas check out this great blog.


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