Woof…Digital Everything

I sat on a pile of logs in the chill but gentle breeze.  The glare from the snow was hurting my eyes, once again I regretted being too lazy to pick my sunglasses up on the way out.  I kept warm by letting the surprisingly strong sun heat up my jeans which, when I bent my legs, transferred the heat to my skin.  Up here in the villages it is custom to drink Rakija.  Two shots of this warmed up my insides sufficiently and I was now comfortable enough to watch my father-in-law haggle the price for 4 sheep and 6 lambs.  Forty-five minutes later the deal was complete, Kojo made our excuses not to stay longer and we left the farmstead.  The six hundred metre descent into the gorge was just as spectacular as it had been on the way up, although the soaring eagle had either finished hunting or had moved on…

                       Uncle Vojo is more at home on the mountain roads than Lance Armstrong ever was

Halfway back to town we stopped in a lay-by for Kojo’s brother to cut some branches to make a broom.  I think it was the same lay-by where we had set one of the dogs free on the way up to the village.  I had felt sorry for the dog left to fend for itself, its head cocked as we drove away, but I was envious too.  Its new found existence would be a simple one – find enough food and shelter to stay alive.

My life is void of understanding what it is like to live from the land, to raise animals to eat, to grow vegetables, to build from wood and stone.  My finances are complicated, I demand to be entertained and I feel the urge to have stuff – phones, packaging, laptops, stripy shirts, curvy post modern boxes, a football team, central heating, facebook, DVDs, digital everything…

Not only does this way of life provide a never ending supply of stress it is also distracting.  It distracts me from who I really am and who I could be.  It diverts awareness away from the One who created me and will sustain my life whether I have stuff or not.


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