Sonny said, “My father created me for a purpose”

I just finished watching I, Robot.  It really got me thinking about why God made us humans.  My friend Tristan told me an interesting idea earlier today.  He said he believes there are bits of God in each of us.  The main robot character, Sonny, says that he is unique and his father (his creator) made him for a purpose.  Towards the end of the film Sonny proves his theory right by plunging his extra thick alloy coated arm through a forcefield allowing a chain of events to commence that eventually saved humankind as we know it.

It sounds quaint but I believe the same is true for humans, that God made each of us for a purpose.  We are all a bit wierd but that is good, we are all unique too.  I believe that there are things that you could to to benefit human kind that nobody else could.  It might be a series of small but extremely helpful things or it might be something huge that can save many lives!

I think that it would be time well spent if you took the next five minutes to list all the things that you are good at.  Then spend the following five minutes thinking about how you could better use your ‘skills’ for the sake of others.  Who knows, maybe the next ten minutes could be the most lifechanging ten minutes you ever spent!

And always remember, God has made each of us for a very definite and specific purpose and it is worthwhile you finding out who you are and what your next steps are.


P.S.  When Tristan explained his thoughts about God making us with bits of him in us.  He said that he believes when we get close to someone and enjoy the good in them that is a great way to worship God!  What a concept!


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