I hate this situation in Israel and Palestine with a passion.  My wife shares the same feelings, except her passion is even greater.  In a few hours she’s gonna be flying off to Jerusalem to work with elderly Arabs living in poverty.  I’m really proud of her.  Just before she left for the airport we had a conversation about the dangers and she hadn’t even considered them.  I’m really proud of her.

It is not right that a man can drive a bulldozer down a street and kill three people.  It is evil.  It is not right that men can take bulldozers and demolish homes for greed and power.  It is evil.

And did they have to blow his head off?  Couldn’t they have shot his arms and legs.  It is all evil.  The comments under the video are all pretty evil too.

I wish someone would take a bulldozer to good use and knock down that stupid wall.  If you get the chance Rada…

…but don’t do it while any crazy people are looking, I want you back safe. XXX


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