The Good

540 breeze blocks chugged along the track towards the house.  The gloves were distributed.  Two rocks were found and placed behind the back wheels.  The driver went inside for some Rakija and conversation with the father, Kojo.  Neighbour Nele, brother Aleksa and cousin Mita were on the lorry handing blocks down.  Brother Ratko, cousin Dragan and yes, even the clumsy foreign son-in-law Nathan were on the ground piling the blocks on the side of the road.  Uncle Slobo stood by observing and giving advice.  Less than forty minutes later and the blocks were down, the rocks removed and the lorry and driver on their way.  Juice was handed out and we sat on the steps enjoying the last of the evening sun…



“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.” – Psalm 24:1



Although we are so often obsessed with condemning the evil things in this world there is so much innate goodness going round also.  And why shouldn’t there be!?  After all, God created us all!



One morning when I dropped Anya off at nursery a couple of years ago I said thank you to the manager for looking after her while she was poorly the previous week.  And the manager replied, “Well, we wouldn’t not look after her, would we?”  Shortly after she said this it struck me – they had a poorly little girl, nobody in their right mind would not look after a poorly child.



The fact that people who don’t follow God can still do good things has confused me in the past.  But it really shouldn’t.  God created everything in this world good so whenever I experience or observe something great I will acknowledge God and say thank you.  The scenario I began this blog with was one that I experienced in Montenegro

earlier this week.  It was a great experience and I was able to observe family and community working the way that God designed them.  None of the names mentioned acknowledge God in their lives but God’s image can still be seen through each of them.



If you don’t know God, how about thinking about the good things in your life and saying thank you for them?



If you do know God, how about trying to show those around you who is responsible for the good things in their lives?


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