An utterly lovely bunch

What an utterly lovely bunch of people they are.  They have made me feel so good.

Tonight was my last night as the employed youth worker at church.  And it was a great night to go out on.  Dean is doing an incredible job with the youth club and I’m not sure I could leave it in better hands.

And the young people, what can I say about them?  They are totally awesome, gave me a huge cheer that really touched me.  They said some great prayers and it was just sound to see the new guys acting naturally as part of the group – this says a lot for how welcoming they all are.

I was presented with a Villa shirt – my first since I was about 15 I think, and they wrote me a great goodbye card.  Some of the top sentiments:

“We’re all gonna burn and drown without you.”

“…you’re not just a youth leader you’re one of my best mates…”

“I hope your new job is nowhere near as good as this one so this will always be the high point in your life.”

“We are all gonna follow you around uncomfortably closely with no respect for personal space.”

Great stuff and I’m experiencing a whole mix of emotions but most of all I just feel cosy and warm deep down inside.


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