Blogging the Godfather: Part 1

Michael Corleone makes an inspiring leader.  I admire his clarity, foresight and the unerring confidence in his own decisions.  The scene that I have in my mind is where he sends Hagen to Vegas and tells him, “you’re out” and informs Tellio and Clemenza that they can break away once the family have secured Vegas.  He is so young yet betrays no fear or uncertainty.

There are many situations in my life, personal and professional, where I need to make decisions.  As I watched the Godfather with Rada, Sarah & Rosie last night I wished I could be as decisive as Pacino’s legendary character.  The truth is I can resolutely choose the right course of action.  Maybe I can’t be as quick thinking and clinically witty as the film scripts but with a little patience and discipline I believe I can be much more effective in my own decision making in my family, work and church life.

The trick is a simple one.  Just spend a little time with the ultimate consigliere.  If I were to focus exclusively on the Holy Spirit for a few minutes I know that he would give me the wisdom and confidence to make some of the most complex and pressurised decisions.  Yet I foolishly fumble my own way through the day thinking my own experience and knowledge will find the best course of action.  God knows everything.  It makes sense to listen to him once in a while.


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