Science has failed our mother earth

The things we have achieved through science are pretty incredible.  Entering Birmingham on the train this morning and the skyline is impressive, maybe not compared to New York, Singapore and Dubai but impressive none the less.  And it wouldn’t be there without science.  And what about the advances made in the realm of medicine which will enable the majority of us to pass the age of 80.  And this only because of science.  And without science I wouldn’t even be able to get to work!

But then I think about other things science has achieved for us:  More people have been killed in wars in the last century than in the entirety of the rest of history.  And that is because of automatic, chemical and nuclear weapons – created by science – to name but a few.

And what about the media industry which seems to be purging personal interaction out of our society:

  • the Metro newspaper on the train helps us avoid eye contact for the duration of our commute
  • blogging means I can communicate my opinion from the barricade of my desk
  • pornography brings temporary satisfaction to millions robbing them of true intimacy
  • television brings to families the opportunity to evade the possibility of actually talking to one another night after night after night…

In Science Serj Tankian writes that, “Science has failed our mother earth.”  I am inclined to agree.  He goes on to repeat, “Spirit-moves-through-all-things,” time and time again.  It’s a truth I desire to know.  This whole physical reality is held together by the presence of God.  Science depends upon the Creator of the elements.  And this Creator is a being that made us to be in friendship with him.  He is a relational God who wants us to experience great relationships for our time on this earth and beyond.


  • Walking past the pile of Metro newspapers on the bus or outside the station then starting a conversation with a stranger on the way to work/school.
  • Unplugging the television and the internet for 24 hours.
  • Starting a face to face conversation with somebody about what I have written in this blog.
  • Finding a silent place, tell God that you would like to hear what he has to say to you, then be quiet and simply listen for 5 minutes.

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