Chris Moyles, all is forgiven

I was discussing the Brand/Ross saga with my good friend SJ this morning.  SJ said that it had been blown out of proportion.  I was inclined to agree that, abusive as they were, I’m not convinced it required comment from the one and only Gordon Brown!  SJ* pointed out that Chris Moyles is just as bad.  I think he knows where the boundaries are though.  Nevertheless, that rotund Yorkshireman can be a proper nasty bully sometimes.

I wish there were punishments available for people who do morally bad things but don’t break the law.  Like bullying and adultery.

Despite that, I have a soft spot for Chris Moyles.  And the moment I turned my radio on after dropping SJ off at the orthodontists there he was playing Five and Keep on Movin’!  What a way for me to start my day!

*Or maybe it was me.  Had less than 4 hours sleep due to late night conversation and my memory is beginning to blur.


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