Republican caught lying on TV

Barack Obama is being heavily criticised right now for his association with Rashid Khalidi, an outspoken critic of the state of Israel.  The vast majority of Americans see this as anti-Semitic.  I would like to make a couple of points as to why this is a load of tosh.

Point 1:

Anti-Semitism is commonly thought of as the prejudice against or hostility towards Jews as a group.  But do you know where the term Semitic comes from?  It is comes from the name Shem, one of Noah’s sons, and refers to the groups of people originating from south-western Asia – the most common of which are not only Hebrews but also Arabs and Ethiopians!  Rashid Khalidi is an Arab.  If he was anti-Semitic he would be prejudiced against himself.

Point 2:

As far as I understand, Khalidi is not critical of Jewish people but simply the policies and values of the state of Israel.  I appreciate that for many in the West it is difficult to see criticism of Israel as anything but Judeophobia.  That is because we are constantly being fed vomit that depicts the conflict in Palestine as a bunch of irrational Arab terrorists attacking innocent peace seeking Jews who are simply trying to live in their own homeland.  What utter dribble.  I dare you to read this blog for a very true account of what life is like on the ground for Palestinian Arabs.  Is it so racist to be critical of what is going on there?

This CNN interview shows how moronic the accusations against Obama are:

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