I loved church this morning.  It is far from perfect but has so many great qualities:

  • Feeling part of something – I got there early to set-up and left late to set-down and got involved with the singing, praising God and praying for the sick.
  • People being healed – God intervened with the goings on of planet earth and healed hips, shoulders and necks.
  • Hot chocolate – I don’t drink tea or coffee, hot chocolate is a million times better than squash.
  • Fun times – We sang the first couple of songs then it all took off and we had a good old dance and laugh and praised God for everything he has done for us.
  • Seeing friends – I love so many people at our church and I can tell they love me and they make me smile.
  • Meeting new people – in the last few weeks I have met people from South Africa, Taiwan and even Kenilworth.
  • The Bible – we learnt what the Bible had to say about being proud about things and how we should be humble, very provoking.
  • God – yup, he was there and he spoke to me.
  • We had no sixth sense experience like this one:

 courtesy of ASBO Jesus


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