Obama’s first appointment is very bad news

I read here that Barack Obama has picked a pro-Israel hardliner as his first high-level appointment.  This is really disappointing.  I had hoped that Obama would turn his back on George Bush’s evil policies that have helped keept the people of Palestine captive.  For me, a successful US president will be one who manages to change the American position in the world so that it can offer it’s people, skills and resources to other nations without having to be on some crazy power trip the whole time.

The name of the man offered the top job is Rahm Emanuel – middle name Israel.  His father used to smuggle weapons to a terrorist Zionist group that murdered many Palestinians in the 1940s.  In 2003 Emanuel wrote a letter criticising Bush for not being sufficiently supportive of the state of Israel.  He was a strong supporter of Israel’s bombing of Palestine and Lebanon in 2006 which led to thousand of civilians being killed.  Nathan says, ‘Uh-oh”. 😦


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