Drink Driving Consequences

A picture tells a thousand words: 

Luke McCormick -archive pictureIpswich fine David Norris over 'handcuffs' celebration

The face is that of Lee McCormick, former Plymouth Argyle footballer who is currently serving a seven year prison sentence.  He got drunk at his mate’s wedding, got in a car and ended up killing two boys and putting their dad in a wheelchair.    Contrast that with David Norris, his former teammate, whose wedding it was, celebrating scoring a goal this weekend.  It is alledged that Norris’ handcuff gesture was aimed in support of his jailed friend.  On one hand this shows the inability that many celebrities, including footballers, have in grasping reality.  Does Norris actually realise what that family must be going through?

The Peak family

These two boys are dead now.  Maybe McCormick’s mugshot should be posted behind every bar in the country to remind those considering driving home what it must feel like to realise your actions have killed children.  He looks like a shell of a man.

However, it would be foolish to exclude myself from this scenario.  Dozens of times a day my actions point to the fact I am self-centred and place myself above others.  It just happens that McCormick’s have ended up with hideously serious consequences.  I ask that God would help me to put others before myself.

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