Dishonest footballers…surprise surprise

Wigan and Newcastle’s 2-2 draw saw a crucial mistake from the referee.  Emerson Boyce tackled Shola Ameobi and was crazily shown a second yellow card and was thus sent off.  I am not really blaming the ref he can only make a decision on what he saw and I must admit when I first saw the incident it looked like a foul.  But what I don’t like about the situation is that Ameobi could easily have gone up to the ref and explained it wasn’t a foul.  For me, not to do this is cheating.

In the Bolton v Liverpool match Matty Taylor had a terrific free kick saved by Pepe Reina but the ref gave a goal kick.  Why couldn’t the Liverpool keeper have a word with the official or kick his goal kick out for a just corner?

I really believe that if these ‘professional’ sportsmen started behaving honestly then it would have a positive influence on the rest of society.  Instead they are advocating a system of decision making based simply on getting your own way by any means possible.  It has been shocking for me, in my youth work experience, to see how influenced teenage lads are by what they see the top players do.  These lads have no notion that cheating, disrespecting or violence are wrong.

In good news, Villa were totally dominant at the Emirates and ran out 2-0 winners over the Arsenal.  That makes me sooooo happy!  We’re up to equal fourth now!


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