Slaying again

Last week I posted this cartoon.  I was wondering what is the point in having a Church meeting where the aim seems to be for people to fall over by the power of the Spirit.

I can understand that it is good when people are ‘slayed’ in the Spirit because during those times they meet with God very closely and he often heals them emotionally, physically or gives them revelation of who he is.  I think my greatest desire is to ‘Know God’.  He created me and placed me at this point in history, he knows me better than I do and he knows this world.  So if falling over enables you to know the Creator then that is great.

BUT, there are million ways to get to know God!  You don’t need to follow the same formula and for most people it just doesn’t work like that!  I have been in meetings where it seems everybody apart from me is falling, crying, laughing, shaking and I’m just stood their like some desparate kid wanting the same fix as everybody else.  But when I look around I notice nearly 90% of the room are doing the same as me.  So often, what is happening to the 10% dictates the direction of the meeting and I don’t like that.

When I lead a service or a meeting my aim is to work with the Holy Spirit as he meets with his people.  My role is to provide some sort of narrative or commentary to what God is doing because it can be really confusing and sometimes scary.  I want new people to come into church and meet with God but if they are freaked out by what seems to be a bunch of hysterical, fitting nutters than that will put up a bit of a barrier I would imagine.  And I want to communicate that you can know God in all kinds of ways – silent prayer, reading, talking, walking, running, listening to music, watching films, sport, art, making things etc. – not just through some emotional group worship experience.


2 thoughts on “Slaying again

  1. I admire the way you see that everything you do can be worshiping God! I feel the same way. I don’t always feel comfortable in situations where people are all slain, or having some kind of manifestation. Too me, that seems a little intimate, and I feel like I am intruding on their experience. I personally enjoy my intimate time with the Lord. Most meaningful to me!!

  2. I’m reading The Shack at the moment. Just read a bit that describes the Holy Spirit as someone who is certainly not predictable. I think that hits the nail on the head with some of my frustrations because often the leaders of a meeting seem to try and follow a certain formula to get a reaction. Thank for your comment!

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