The Full Monty

I love this film so much because:

  1. It is set in Sheffield.  You get to see Wincobank, Carterknowle, West Street…
  2. You feel gut wrenchingly sorry for Gary when he’s totally owned by his wife’s new fella, who has a real big house and he’s not allowed to see his son, Nathan.
  3. There is a boy called Nathan in it and I am called Nathan.
  4. You get to see so many views of Sheffield.  That makes me feel all funny, a sort of mix of loads of different memories all mashed into one.
  5. You feel gut wrenchingly sorry for Dave when he roles over in bed and can’t even face his own wife.
  6. An ugly bunch of blokes score one over on the Chippendales.
  7. They show City on the Move at the start complete with Grenoside Morris Dancing, The Hole in the Road and brand spanking new Parkhill Flats.
  8. It reminds me of Sheffield 😀
  9. Forgot his name but you feel gut wrenchingly sorry for their old foreman who is hiding the fact he has lost his job from his wife and then ends up losing everything.
  10. You get to hear the wonderful Sheffield accent.
  11. As a Sheffield lad it helps you to understand what was going as you were growing up and realise the everyday implications of the collapse of Sheffield’s steel industry.
  12. It is set in Sheffield (did I mention that already?)

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