How to get that sticky thing out your throat

The Metro front page headline yesterday read:

“Sometimes the injustice of the world just sticks in your throat.”

They went on to compare some bimbo in I’m a Celebrity gagging at being ‘forced’ to swallow grubs with a lad in Zimbabwe who seemed ecstatic at finding a cricket to eat as he was literally starving.  An interesting point!

It set a fast train of thought going that quickly led to anger and, I hope, will lead to action.  In ‘How much BLOOD does your mobile cost?’ I highlighted that much of the ‘injustice in the world’ (as the Metro humbly puts it) is down to YOU and ME and our demand for products – diamond, gold, tin and mobile phones are the specific causes of the problems in Congo.

OK, so the Metro, and often me, self-righteously mud-sling when it comes to injustice.  But the Metro, through its adverts and celeb induced content, provides the motivation and ammunition to make the bloodbaths in Africa possible.  And I also am the cause of injustice:

  • I buy mobile phones
  • I am lazy to save energy (causing famine and monsoons through climate change)
  • I buy Nike trainers (providing a need for sweatshops)
  • I drive more than I walk or cycle (increasing the demand for oil and the battles that rage over it)

Why does my compassion fatigue so quickly!?  We must act.  We must make radical lifestyle choices and work hard until they become habits.  Otherwise, each one of us will be answerable for the death and suffering of millions.

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