Like father, like daughter

This is the day that Anya has been getting excited about for ages.  There are four reasons and three of them show she is scarily like her father:

  1. SPELLING TEST(!)  Yes my daughter is sadomoschistic just like me.  She loves being tested and measuring how clever she is.  Good job she is clever these tests can’t be nice if you’re the one getting the bad results.
  2. R.E.  We have a budding theologian in the family.  She understands concepts about God that I only worked out a year or two back.  I love the way she works things out and has a faith that is so trusting but so earthed and searching at the same time.
  3. PIZZA HUT  The lucky girl is being taken out for dinner by Vicky.  She loves food.  Just for the record, if anyone wants to take me out for food, anywhere, anytime – you are welcome.
  4. WIZARD OF OZ  Now this is where we are different.  I never went in for the whole creative arts thing nor the pantamime/party entertainment type participation.  You know – shouting out at the performers etc.  Quite simply, I don’t like it.  But Anya…she has been jiggling up and down with excitement for weeks about this one.  I love to see her excited.  Fortunately for me it is Vicky who is taking her.  But Anya loves anything to do with theatre, acting, dancing, art, creativity.

It is nice to see some of my more quirky traits in Anya.  When I see them in her it helps me to see that it is ok for me to be like that too.  But it is also great to see that she is not a clone and she is her own person.  I love the way she can provoke me to think and introduce me to good things that I never really gave a chance before.


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