Creative Nathan

It has been pointed out to me by SJ that something I said in yesterday’s post was the ‘biggest lie ever’.  She has a fair point and to prove it I will list ten of my greatest ever creative arts moments.  It must be pointed out that this is not an exhaustive list.  Simply the ten that spring to mind:

  1. I was forced to dress up as a snail for my Year 5 recorder class’s part in the summer concert.  Brown leggings, brown t-shirt and cardboard shell strapped on with string.
  2. I once played ‘young John Wesley’ as our Sunday School commemorated the 200th anniversary of his death.  The scene saw me being rescued from a burning house – it was terribly dramatic.
  3. I have sung on occasion.  Probably the most powerful performance came when, playing Judas Iscariot, I sung a solo about my betrayal of Jesus – who was played by dad!  The emotion grips me even now.
  4. A terrifying experience occured in the Year 4 summer concert when I couldn’t get my deckchair open during my part of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic.
  5. As Peter Kay fever swept across the estates of southern Sheffield my own rendition of Amarillo went down a storm as part of our youth group’s version of Pop Idol.
  6. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as Joseph for the Year 3 nativity.  I think Victoria played Mary.  When I hear the opening chords of the Graham Kendrick Christmas music my eyes still well up 19 years on.  “Tonight…while all the world was sleeping!”
  7. While on the Graham Kendrick theme I must mention my dance effort in an interpretation of The Candle Song.  It was poignant, elegant and graceful.  One onlooker said, ‘That was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life’.
  8. Mentored by the one and only Charli I have been able to continue my dance career.  My latest performance was alongside SJ, Rada, Cloud & Pippin (I think) in an influential and educative creation that warned young people of the dangers of drug use.
  9. ‘7 year old sneezes his way to stardom’ was the headline in the Sheffield Star after Greenhill School’s Snow White performance in 1989.  Guess who played Sneezy!?
  10. The final contribution to my top ten is my one and only dabble in competetive embroidery.  I claimed third prize in the Sheffield Christian Education Council’s annual Arts & Crafts Festival.  My effort was an embroidered glasses case (I made the case myself too).

Anybody else care to share their personal favourite creative arts moments…?

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