Pardon you, President Bush

I heard on the news yesterday that that George Bush character who has been in the headlines quite a bit for the last few years is gonna be able to have one last stab at major injustice before he heads out the backdoor of the Whitehouse for a cushy retirement.

I couldn’t believe it when they explained he is allowed to pardon any criminal he likes!  They mentioned one possible recipient could be shamed drugs cheat Marion Jones (I think I’ll write a whole blog about that story!) and that he may also be able to give a pre-emptive pardon to those who could potentially be indicted in war crimes particularly regarding the torture that went on in Guantanamo Bay, including himself some experts believe!

Now that would be ridiculous.  George Bush is responsible for the torture of hundreds.  George Bush is responsible for an illegal war that has resulted in the deaths of thousands.  George Bush ignores international law by recognising Kosovo as a country.  George Bush takes away the lives and the humanity of thousands of Palestinians through his political and financial support of the illegal Israeli state.  George Bush abuses the name of Jesus by using Christianity as the banner for all of his crazy crusades and policies.

I do not believe that retribution would solve anything but I think the US seriously needs to look at their law that can allow evil men to do evil things and then fade away into obscurity conveniently forgetting the consequences of their greedy and immoral actions.


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