Gadget boy

I don’t really ‘get’ gadgets.  I saw something funny on the tram the other week.

There was this young man, slight build, glasses, messy hair, geeky stereotype, sat opposite me.  He was in his own happy world.  On his lap he had:

  • something like a PSP but it looked even posher
  • an MP3 player, very posh looking
  • a blueberry, sorry blackberry – seriously I thought they were blueberries.
  • a phone, very posh looking
  • three(!) sets of earphones – he kept swapping which pair were in his ears.

The lad looked so content it was quite sweet.  But at the same time he was void of any human contact.  Not that that is any different to most people who frequent our public transport services, nor is it too different to most humans full stop.  However, it saddened me to think he gained so much satisfaction from ‘stuff’.  It is an oversight for me to judge him like this but it is the principle that bothers me.  I believe we were designed to relate to God and relate to each other and all the times we escape, whether consciously or not, into something else then we will only be adding to a sense of unfulfillment.

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