5, 4, 3, 2, 1…take off!

This afternoon is the official launch of my project, “YMCA Open Door“!  My hard work of the last three months is being focused on one and half hours of mingling and presentations.  Mr Mayor is gonna be there as well as some big wigs from the council.  I am sort of looking forward to it and I think it’s gonna be ok but i’m nervous about two things:

  1. Can I scrounge enough heaters from around the YMCA to heat our freezing dance studio where the launch will be held?
  2. What shall I do about the Mayor cutting the ribbon?  What ribbon should I use?  Where should it be?  Should there be any ribbon at all?

Small things you may say but for some reason I am more nervous about them than I am about putting on a good show and delivering a top notch speach.  Someone suggested wrapping two traffic cones in silver paper tying a ribbon between them but I am not sure!

If you read this please spare a prayer for me, it is all happening at 1.30pm.  Thanks!


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