Christmas cancelled in Bethlehem

Please take four minutes and forty four seconds out of your day to watch this clip and reflect on the words.  It really challenges me about the world we live in and how we can get on with our lives quite comfortable that on the other side of the continent communities are trapped or ripped apart by a wall that is funded by the friendly American government.

If you are unaware of the situation, the abhorrent state of Israel has built this apartheid wall in the guise of protecting themselves from Palestinian terrorists.  In reality it has annexed Palestinian land from the rest of the world which has catastrophic effects on the infrastructure and everyday lives of Palestinian people.

Thank you to fourthreichisrael for highlighting the clip and the Garth Hewitt song.


3 thoughts on “Christmas cancelled in Bethlehem

  1. Song from video available:
    [audio src="'ve_cancelled_Christmas_(the_wall_must_fall).mp3" /]

  2. The link I provided for the song from the video did not post correctly.
    One more try, if it does not post because it is too long a link, I will go and make a sorter link and post that link, here goes attempt #2.

    [audio src="'ve_cancelled_Christmas_(the_wall_must_fall).mp3" /]

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