Martin’s blunder

Aston Villa  1    MSK Zilina  2

Last night I went to my first Villa game, with Bobby and Mark,  for nearly two years.  What a shambles!  I really think MON needs to take the blame for this one.  He made eight changes from our first time and in the first twenty minutes we were utterly humiliated.  After that we looked dangerous to a point but lacked any creativity or class at all.  We are an improved team but not good enough to put out our second string starting eleven in the UEFA Cup and expect to win the match.

I particularly enjoyed the Zilina player gettng sent off.  Not so much because of the decision but the way he walked off the pitch.  He cockily strolled the 80m to the tunnel at a snails pace not quite leaving the pitch all the way forcing the referee to wait nearly a minute before play could start.  It was out of order but it made me laugh how irrate the Villa fans were getting.

I’m not sure about football.  This was a cheap ticket but I’m not really sure it was worth paying £15 to watch a pile of tripe like that and you just don’t know what you’re gonna get with the Villa.  And the amount it means to some fans is worrying.  There’s much more important things in life!


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