Last night Rada was away so I watched a film that I knew she wouldn’t want to watch.  It was called Perfume and was recommended by Cheryl who I share an office with.

It left me feeling not good.  I don’t mind watching films normally that are difficult to watch if you feel like you have changed for the better afterwards.  Most stories, most films are like this.  They take you somewhere and you have grown.  But I really struggled to make any positive sense of this one.

Eventually, as I was hanging the washing out afterwards, I found it.  I felt better but it was barely a satisfactory conclusion to three hours of my life.  Nevertheless, it did give me a gem.

The Gem:  Some people in this world are so unloved that they truely feel unlovable and are, themselves, unable to love.  They need saving and they are all around us.  If you really open your eyes you will be swamped by the devestation of souls.  Spirits that are void of love.  An ounce of love offered in such circumstances will cause a sizable tremor in the fabric of reality around that person.  Ripples will travel and effect and the world will change.

Because of love.

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