God, the simile and Cadbury’s Cream Eggs

God is like a Cadbury’s Cream Egg.  Humans were created to do two things primarily;

  • worship God
  • eat Cadbury’s Cream Eggs

Now I am sure you know the tag line for the Cream Egg marketing, “How do you eat yours?”  The legitimate question that we all should ask ourselves is, “How do you worship God”.  Just as there are a million ways to eat a Cream Egg there are infinite ways to worship God, we are all different.

Sadly, in our society we have easily confused religion with worship.  Going to church, reading your Bible, singing etc do not necessarily make good worship.  They are vehicles with which we can worship but we get so consumed with making sure we are doing these things that they cease to be worship.

A reliable source tells us that we must “Worship God in spirit and in truth.”  What on earth does that mean:

  • In spirit?   Worship is internal not external.  We should not be seen to be worshipping we should be worshipping from within.
  • In truth?   Again, worship is not a superficial show.  Worship must be genuine, real.  When you worship you must be true to yourself.

So back to the original question, “How do you worship God?”.  I’d be interested to know.  In the next few days I’ll post how I worship the being that created me.

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