Sainsbury’s aiding and abetting terrorism

I found this video here.  Watch this and try to tell me it is right for Israel to do this?  Watch this video and do something about it and boycott Israeli goods (see below for details).

According to the Boycott Israeli Goods campaign it seems Sainsbury’s are by far the worst culprits with Waitrose and Tesco also selling goods from the apartheid state.  Tesco are bowing to consumer pressure but Sainsbury’s seem unrelentant.  Write to the Head Office and your local store whether you know you have bought Israeli goods or not.  Despite saying they are committed to ‘informative labelling’ Sainsbury’s has the disgusting cheek to label one piece of produce as being from ‘Gaza Strip, Israel’!  Please do something, I believe if we don’t we are party to the terrorist Israeli state.  Find all the details at


6 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s aiding and abetting terrorism


    Boycott Israel Campaign

    Boycott Israeli Goods

    Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign

    Boycott of Israel

    British Committee for Universities in Palestine

    Innovative Minds

    Mona Baker’s home-page

    Palestinian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

  2. If you have found more links than the ones’ I posted, please let me know so I can add them to the list.

    There is one link that is about Strarbucks and boycotting it, very informative article, after reading it and seeing the photos, anyone with good conscience would not be able to buy coffee from Starbucks again, (BTW, the image on their logo, is of ISIS, a freemason made it especially for the company (that part is not included, I know 33 degree freemasons who have shown me the links, which I did not save into my files, or I would post the link, will try and get back to you on that one), here is the link I mentioned about boycotting Starbucks:

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