I love being with people.  Spending time together as relationship is created.  Watching bonds develop through experiences shared.  Through conversation.

Each friendship has an intricate and unique set of links and bonds.  I am talking about how we are joined spiritually.  I believe that each relationship has a spiritual cohesion that is different to any other relationship.

Imagine you are with someone and you begin to bore, or y0u just don’t want to be with them.  Your default is to make excuses to leave their presence, or to switch off.  But this time you begin thinking about some different things.  You think about the positive qualities of the other.  You think about the things you have in common, even if it is simply the fact you are in the same place.  You think about the needs of the other.  You think about how they can reach out to you and add something to who you are.

Every encounter is a unique gift that can never be reclaimed.  Make use of them and you will build stronger, more numerous and more fulfilling friendships.


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