A drunk man and my family

After a knock on the door, he entered and immediately staggered towards me.  He wore wellies, combat trousers, an anorak and was unshaven.  His eyes were off centre and he looked as thick as two short planks.  As is custom I stood up, said “good morning” and shook his hand.  But he returned a terribly weak grip and his response was ever so slurred.  He sat down near Anya who was peacefully colouring at the table.

Rada’s family are the most hospitable I know so her mum welcomed him and offered him a drink.  He finished the half bottle of rakia in about 45 minutes and his condition worsened.  He went from pouring confused compliments over Rada to being completely absent minded.  Then he would suddenly blurt out a drunken verse.  Eventually he started scaring Anya.  I wasn’t sure how to react but I wanted him out the house.  I said to Rada he really should go, she translated for her mum, who unleashed a polite but strong verbal tirade at him.  The fella could hardly stand up but managed to bring curses on the whole family and threatened to ‘slaughter’ me.  Then he tried to get to the toilet but fortunately, escorted by Rada’s mum, he found the front door.

With hindsight I really wished I had dealt with it myself.  It was a shame on me that I left it to Rada’s mum.  I’m not fluent but I could have said enough to get him out and used my physical presence to help where words would have failed.  I want to protect my family.

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