Something interesting about the world

Rada’s brother has a computer now. It has been great for me passing some of the time here. Indeed, I am beginning to feel really relaxed and refreshed and have started dreaming at night about Church and work, a sign I think that I am almost ready to get back into the thick of things.

A couple of the games on the computer are about George Bush. One of them is called ’Furious George’ where you play the beliguerred President trying to save the world from China and Ecological Meltdown. The other is called ’Missing Link’ and is a pairs matching game except you have to match monkeys who have the same pose as Bush. Very funny.

It got me thinking about the Bush hating world we live in. It is a bandwagon I often jump on myself. It is all too easy to come up with cheap shots for the sake of it and call it satire (like these games) but they are not bringing creative ideas and they do nothing really to help the situation in the world except make us all a bit more synical with no positive outlet for change.

Here is some truth I read that really puts the world political situation into perspective and gets me thinking hard:

“Many Americans are uncomfortable with the suggestion that their own nation bears major responisbility for the sufferings of people. They recoil when their country is accused of economic and cultural imperialism, military aggression or the exercise of massive violence for selfish interests. They are angered by the charge that their social order is founded upon a self-righteous sense of national destiny, upon white supremacy upon a preference for property values over human values. They are defensive of their society’s dominant economic and political institutions when such institutions are exposed for manipulating and perpetuating injustice. They reject the notion that their nation uses propaganda to justify itself or resorts to various forms of control, repression, coercion, naked force, and, ultimately, death when necessary to advance its purposes or to protect and extend its authority and power.

Many would rather retreat to the more comfortable belief that their nation, their system, their ’side’, acts out of righteous, or at worse, mistaken motivations, that its basic values, purposes, institutions, and intentions are honourable and noble (for example, that our nation acts only to protect freedom and self-determination, that what is best for business or for the party is best for all, that our military might is only to protect the peace, that here the people decide, that anyone can succeed with hard work, and so on) These and other social mythologies have characterised many nation-states and have been most pronounced in those that have been most violent and destructive“

A heavy bit of writing. Please take time, digest it and respond. I’ll write some of my thoughts on how to act on such thinking soon. And I don’t think Britain is any better, we’re just smaller and not quite as adept at executing our power hungry desires.


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