Don’t be an ignorant Brit

OK, so I’ve just got back from 2 weeks staying with my wife’s family in Montenegro and a week or so being ill before that.  That means i’ve been pretty much out of action during the whole Gaza thing that is going on and I haven’t kept up with news hardly at all – just snippets here and there.

Therefore I’m not gonna comment on any details because I am ignorant of the details.  However, i’d just like to help put the situation in perspective for some of us Brits because, having spoken to people over the last year or two, it is incredible how out of the picture most are yet they feel they can have a strong opinion on the subject they know nothing about.  And all their opinion comes from the totally biased British media.

Here follow two opinions from me and some food for thought:

OPINION 1:  The Palestinian terrorist attacks from Gaza into Israel are inhuman and evil.  However, I feel more than a shred of sympathy for the perpetrators as they have lived under oppressed conditions for decades.

OPINION 2: Israel’s sustained campaign against Palestine is arguably the most blatant and abominable act committed by a nation against a single people group since, ironically, the Holocaust.  Who knows how many Palestinians have been murdered and displaced since 1948?  What has gone on in the last 3 weeks is just more obvious to us Westerners than previous atrocities carried out by Israel.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  As I was growing up the IRA committed a number of attacks on British civilians.  Can you imagine if the British government had retaliated by slaughtering hundereds of Irish citizens through airstrikes and ground assaults on Dublin!?  I honestly feel this is comparable to what Israel are doing and yet our Western governments are condoning this by keeping diplomatic relations with Israel and even helping to supply the weapons that are helping to ethnically clense Palestine.


2 thoughts on “Don’t be an ignorant Brit

  1. Definately food for thought BUT the Israeli/Palestinian conflict does not resemble the IRA/British problem.
    The Jewish People have been persecuted for more than 2000 years, and they have a right to live in peace in the Jewish homeland.
    The Hamas were warned for years that if they did not stop the rocket attacks on innocent citizens of Israel, there would be a retaliation.
    Your argument is one sided. THe Israeli army is doing everything in it’s power to prevent injuring innocent civilians but the Hamas is using them as human shields.
    It is heartbreaking to watch women and children suffering like this, but it was brought on by the Hamas themselves.
    And they still don’t want to accept a cease-fire!!!They want to continue sending rockets into Israel!!!

  2. I don’t want to take the IRA comparison very far at all it was just a thought. My intention is to get British people to think properly about the situation because it is appalling how ignorant many are. It would be foolish of me to claim I wasn’t biased and I am towards the Palestian people but I try to keep a fair view and be open minded. And what I see when I do this is severe, devestating and sustained oppression on a small people group who are made weaker and weaker by the entirety of the ‘free’ world against them.

    I agree the Jewish People have the right to live in a Jewish homeland but not the right to persecute another race simply because they have been oppressed. Also, the fact the Israeli army are attacking the places where civilians live then it can hardly be claimed that they are doing everything in their power to prevent injuring them.

    Thanks for your courteous comments!

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