A light diverson

Football is inconsequential and hollow in comparison to trying to work out what is going on under the skin of world issues and specifically the disaster that is Gaza at the moment.  Nevertheless, it is these small pleasures in life that make up the detail and provide a bit of fun and entertainment.  All the bigger issues are of paramount importance but I don’t believe we were designed to be consumed by them.

With that in mind I’d like to return my occasional attention to the Premier League.  It still makes pretty reading.  With a few minutes left of the Man U – Chelsea tie the table looks like this:

  1. Liverpool      46pts
  2. Chelsea      42pts
  3. Man Utd      41pts
  4. Aston Villa      41pts
  5. Arsenal      38pts
  6. Everton      35pts

Manchester United must be slight favourites now with their two games in hand and Liverpool’s dropped points at Stoke.  Consistent form from Everton has more or less turned the league into two divisions with a large gap down to the 14 relegation battling teams.

I am utterly delighted with Aston Villa.  We continue to churn out fantastic results despite some patchy performances but our general play feels classy and a grade above what I am used to as a Villa fan.  When was the last time Villa were still in with a shout of the treble by the end of January! 😉


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