Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

I am really pleased to hear that Israel have called an end to the invasion of Gaza.  I doubt the trouble will stop for long but I do hope for change.  I can’t understand how Britain and America condone Israel’s disproportionate action.  It saddens me that the mindless policies of America are dictated by power hungry loonies who use an evil interpretation of the Bible to get their way. 

Serj Tankian’s ‘Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition’ is a great little tune and bluntly smacks you in the face with the title refrain.  But ponder the line and you realise how obvious and evil ‘evangelical’ policies are.  How is it possible to support a nation that does this:

I read today that Israel shelled a school that was sheltering 1600 people that the invasion has already made homeless.  A five year old boy and a seven year old boy were killed.  If you count yourself a worshipper of God then don’t passively support Israel with inaction and be one of those who Tankian cleverly swipes at.  Be a world changer.  Get on your knees now and pray for peace.  Listen to what God wants you to do.


2 thoughts on “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

  1. I believe that the only reason they stopped is a) For all the world to enjoy the spactacular inauguration of the so called “savior” and b) for a smoke screen that they are afraid of Obama. I hope I am wrong but Obama might as well be the Antichrist. That is why out of ALL the priests in America he chose the most famous homosexual Episcopal for the ceremony….
    WHY IS THAT???????????????

  2. Two good points. I just hope it will be peaceful for as long as possible. Deep down, however, I know it is just a matter of time. The only real hope is that the Kingdom of God begins to break into the region. I didn’t know about the gay priest. I don’t think we can ever hope for political powers to be doing the right things and certainly not have the right motives. This choice certainly draws a line under Bush’s religious conservatism.

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