Extreme Weather Conditions of Solihull: Part 4

What a dull and dreary day it is!  It took me one hour and fifteen minutes to drive to work this morning because everybody gets scared to pull out at roundabouts when there is a little bit of rain.  Hmmm at least it’s not snowing.  Us Brits are hopeless drivers in the snow.  You get 2mm of slush and you’d think the world stops spinning on its axis the way we all behave.

Sitting in the car watching the drizzle and the groups of small children huddled together as they try to make it into the school gates really made me want to be back in Junior School when, on a day like today, most of my time would have been spent creating an impression of the weather outside through the medium of pastille colours on white paper.  Ah those were the days, those worry free days.  Of course I did really worry, particularly if I couldn’t find my pencil sharpner, or I had to ask Mr Deakin if I could go to the toilet, or who I would end up partnered with in country dancing.  But at least after the chill of prancing round the school hall in my pumps I’d have the reassurance of being able to return my grubby fingers to the pastilles and staring out the window at the lamposts that had been turned on at half past two to help us get home in the daytime darkness.


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